December 22, 2022

What is Construction Adjudication?

Construction Adjudication is a dispute resolution process which is available to all parties in a written contract when a dispute arises. It allows the parties to resolve a dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst allowing a project to continue. It helps to maintain cash flow, reach project completion and is a cheaper and quicker method to achieving a solution as opposed to court proceedings.

Adjudication in the construction industry

In this industry, those entering into contracts cannot opt-out of adjudication as it is a mandatory form of dispute resolution. If there is not an adjudication clause in your contract, it will be classed as an implied term and thus can be used to resolve a dispute.

How long does Adjudication take?

Adjudications are quicker than court proceedings and a dispute can often be resolved quickly using this method as an adjudicator is required to decide matters within 28 days once a project has been referred to them.

Is an Adjudicators’ decision final?

If you are in the process of adjudication, you should be aware that this is a temporary form of dispute resolution.

The decisions made are binding but only until matters are further resolved by litigation later down the line.

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