January 3, 2023

When to use construction adjudication

If you require a form of dispute resolution for a dispute surrounding a construction project, construction adjudication may be suitable.

Construction Adjudication is a dispute resolution process which is available to all parties in a written contract.

How to know when to use construction adjudication

Common construction disputes arise due to:

  • Delays to construction works
  • Payment disputes and/or failure to pay
  • Requests for time extension
  • Defective works

You can use construction adjudication if you have a dispute regarding a construction project. It is also useful for complex contractual issues and negligence claims.

It is common to use construction for singular issues. Through using adjudication, other contractors working on the project can often continue their work. This acts as a temporary solution until a permanent solution can be found.

When should you not use construction adjudication?

However, construction adjudication will not be suitable in all circumstances.

If the project has a complex issue which requires another form of dispute resolution such as court proceedings or arbitration, then adjudication will not be suitable as it is designed to be a quick temporary resolution.

Reasons why construction adjudication may be right for you

Construction adjudication is often used to keep cashflow running and projects moving and can provide a ‘quick fix’ for your project.

Adjudication can be an efficient way to resolve a dispute and come to an agreement between parties regarding the continuation of a project.

This blog is part of a series on construction adjudication, our next blog will cover the construction adjudication process.

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