July 22, 2021

Smaller house builders report further site delays due to ongoing material shortages

News Article

Many smaller regional house builders are continuing to be hit with construction delays as the continuing materials shortage shows no sign of easing.

The Construction and Leadership Council (CLC) warned this month that smaller firms are being left behind and whilst larger housebuilders have been able to manage developments to completion, second tier developers are continuing to struggle with a shortage of basic building materials.

The CLC has warned that the situation is likely to continue with delivery delays for bagged cement expected to remain until the end of 2021.

According to the CLC update, roofing products, insulation, landscaping products, blocks, sealants, kitchen carcasses and plastic products such as drainage pipes are all in short supply.

Although timber also remains scarce currently, the CLC offered a more optimistic outlook, suggesting that global demand is now starting to ease and predicting that availability could improve by the autumn.

However, it warned that increased demand for timber products will continue to be significantly above inflation, with some reports suggesting prices have escalated by between 20% and 50% in recent months.

Adam Davis, a Director with Palmers Solicitors, who specialises in construction disputes and litigation, said: “The continuing materials shortage will inevitably lead to a number of contractors failing to meet their completion deadlines.

“If a project does not run as planned and a dispute arises, our expert team can advise on resolving the issue, often without the need for litigation, through alternative dispute resolution and mediation.”

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