November 25, 2014

Really Smart Houses are the future


Palmers Solicitors has been awarded a certificate for their participation in the Really Smart House Project.

Adam Davis, an Associate Solicitor and Construction Law specialist at the firm’s Basildon office, has spearheaded Palmers’ active involvement in the project for around two years.

Started by Southend Council, the initiative aims to promote energy efficient building and technology within the construction industry whilst stimulating low carbon economic growth in the East of England. It achieves this by championing the use of smart metering, hydrogen fuel cells, thermodynamic panels, photovoltaic solar panels, air source heat pumps, phase change materials, and advanced insulation.

Most notably, the project has built five completely energy-efficient homes using all of the latest technologies in the Green Energy Efficient market place. It aims to deliver a whole-house solution that will reduce energy bills for tenants, make properties warmer and more comfortable to live in, and increase the lifespan of the buildings so that they are sustainable.