October 12, 2022

What is the most important factor when building houses?

Individuals’ demands are constantly changing and what they want from their homes is no exception. People want to make sure it is built to the highest standard but also meets all their needs.

As someone in the construction industry, what should you prioritise?

Of course, health and safety are the biggest priority. Ensuring the homes that you build meet the expected standards is essential.

But there may be more to consider when building and retrofitting homes.

New research has revealed that customer wellbeing should be a key consideration.

What does this mean for builders?

This study by VIVID and Aston University suggests that the pandemic has had a lasting impact on what people value in their homes.

The move to work from home shows no signs of going anywhere. So, people need their homes to be capable of being ‘multi-use’.

Along with this, homebuyers are now looking for a home that will last for their lifetime. There has also been an increase in multiple generations living under the same roof.

From these factors, the quality of the build will be a key selling point. You need to think about how to give buyers a dynamic home, that can adapt to the changing needs of the owners.

Another consideration is efficiency. An inefficient home has a big impact on the individual’s pockets, which will put them off.

People with lower household incomes had more concerns about heating and energy inefficiency.

The study also revealed that those without these concerns were more satisfied with their lives.

Especially amidst the cost-of-living crisis, energy efficiency must be one of your priorities.

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