December 13, 2022

When should I opt for bespoke construction contracts?

Are you starting a new project and unsure of when to opt for a bespoke construction contract?

What is a bespoke construction contract?

Bespoke contracts can be built specifically to suit the requirements of a project or can be tailored to your business for re-use on multiple projects.

A bespoke contract will be tailored and allows parties to incorporate their own specific terms. Such contracts are often used when standard form contracts are not suitable or do not tailor specifically to the requirements of the parties and/or works and/or the needs of the business.

Bespoke contracts may be needed when there are several parties involved in the project or when standard form contracts do not accommodate the uniqueness of a project.

Using a bespoke contract also saves the cost of purchasing one of the standard form contracts such as JCT or NEC.

Contents of a bespoke construction contract

The contract will include information relating to the parties involved and the specific characteristics of the build and any particular terms the parties wish to incorporate.

They are also likely to be influenced by the conditions of the market, the willingness of the parties and the requirements of the project.

When should I use a bespoke construction contract?

A bespoke construction contact can be used for a variety of different projects, and it is the parties choice whether to adopt a standard form contract or incorporate their own terms in a bespoke contract.

For example, a bespoke contract can incorporate terms as to unusual funding; a unique end-user organisation or the construction may be being paid for by a third party or fund, or there may be more than one customer involved in the project.

In these circumstances, a standard form contract may not easily be tailored to the project. As such, a bespoke contract will ensure a more personalised contract to fit the requirements of your build and will thus prevent any difficulties along the way.

To do so, you will require the guidance of an expert who will be able to provide you with advice. They will consider what information you should put in the contract and how it should be worded to ensure the successful completion of your project.

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