June 16, 2016

Government takes a leaf out of its own BIM handbook for Palace of Westminster study

News Article

The largest BIM model ever created is set to be produced as part of a huge renovation programme which will restore the Houses of Parliament to their former glory.

Chartered Surveyor, Plowman Craven, has been commissioned to undertake a laser scan survey to capture measurement data for the entire Palace of Westminster.

In turn, this data will be used to create a BIM model that will be the platform for the Palace’s restoration and renewal programme, which is expected to take up to 40 years to complete, at a cost of between £3.5billion and £5.7billion.

According to the surveyor, this complex and unique project is probably the largest building of its type that any firm has attempted to model. The job will be a massive undertaking for the firm, with many challenges – particularly in gaining access to all areas of the estate and its historic structure.

The scan and the subsequent production of the model will take 14 months, with a team of around 20 working on the project.

“This 3D model will help to facilitate the subsequent planning, design and construction work, as well as the future management of the Palace,” said Malcolm Donald, director at Plowman Craven. “We look forward to contributing our BIM capability to this vital project to preserve and protect a UNESCO World Heritage Site of national and global significance.”

Adam Davis is a Partner with Palmers who specialises in helping clients understand the ramifications of business information modelling. He commented: “BIM has rapidly seen an increased take-up within the sector. Clients understand the economic sense of mapping out a project before commencing construction and engineering work.

“It is encouraging to see the government, who have been vocal advocates of BIM, following through with their own good advice.

“The UK’s BIM Strategy is, according to ministers, currently the most ambitious and advanced centrally driven programme in the world and the Palace of Westminster modelling will further cement our position as world leaders in this field.”

Adam added: “Anyone operating within the construction sector needs to be up to speed with the latest BIM developments and what it will mean for their business in the future.

“For information on how, BIM will impact on project delivery, insurance and disputes please contact Palmers specialist construction team.”