February 1, 2018

Give your views on whether BIM is working for you

News Article

A national survey is seeking the views of construction and engineering firms, to find out how the Government’s mandate – for collaborative 3D Business Information Modelling (BIM) on all publicly-funded projects – is working in practice.

The National Building Specification (NBS) has launched its eighth annual National BIM Survey. In 2018 it is investigating how far BIM has become “business as usual” for the sector.

The 2017 report from NBS revealed that construction professionals had become increasingly frustrated by the lack of clarity and enforcement by the Government of its own BIM Level 2 mandate.

With BIM awareness now high and BIM adoption steadily increasing year on year, the 2018 survey hopes to find out whether last year’s perceived lack of support from the Government has had a direct impact on BIM trends.

NBS Chief Executive, Richard Waterhouse, said: “The 2017 BIM report told us that although adopting BIM is not easy, it’s worth doing, and this is the story that we need to continue to tell; how BIM is improving client outcomes, as well as ROI for those in the design and construction sectors.”

Adam Davis is a Partner with Palmers who specialises in helping clients understand the ramifications of BIM. He said:  “Although this technology has been widely adopted by larger companies operating in the construction and engineering sectors, many smaller businesses currently run the risk of being left behind if they not fully embrace BIM.

“The emergence of cloud-based BIM means that the market is now opening up and smaller businesses can now operate on a more level playing field, by being able to bid for contracts which require BIM, alongside larger construction firms.”

For information on how BIM could have an impact on your organisation’s project delivery and help with compliance and contractual issues relating to BIM, please contact us.

You can complete this year’s NBS National BIM Survey, open until end of March, by visiting www.theNBS.com/bimsurvey2018