October 9, 2015

BIM kit got beta – then better

A Building Information Modelling (BIM) toolkit is officially out of its ‘beta’ testing phase.

The update was announced at the British Standards Institute’s BIM conference, meaning the resource – by National Building Specification (NBS) – is stable and can be used for project data storage.

Some associated aspects are still under review, however. The kit’s verification facility, which lets users check whether data matches clients’ needs, is still being tested.

Among upgrades to emerge from the beta phase is ‘read-only’ access that allows team members to review projects on mobile devices.

More than 2,000 projects are now logged with the kit, which launched in May and was developed using £1m funding from the government’s Innovate UK scheme.

Versatility is among its features, with its prime uses still to be established as designers, architects, project managers and clients alike begin to get to grips with the potential. One concept is that payment can be made between parties using the resource.

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